Friday, August 24, 2012

Leadership Assessment Tool Introduced by Leadership Development Expert, SPM Learning

SPM Learning, an expert in leadership development and leadership training solutions, is pleased to introduce the Leadership Assessment Tool. The free, robust 12-page leadership download will help organizations assess their organizational leadership strengths and challenges in 4 key organizational leadership areas:
The Being a Better Leader area identifies a holistic approach to leadership which delves into strong people skills as well as practical, tactical and technical talents. The Getting Things Done area addresses strategy execution as a key to organizational success. Balancing Process & Results is a crucial leadership and organizational skill which helps define processes to increase the success and value of strategic execution while balancing what is truly required to achieve the desired outcome. With ever-changing environmental and economic challenges, organizations also need to excel in the Managing Risk area.

“At SPM Learning, we strive to educate organizations on the importance of leadership assessment and development by providing tools like the Leadership Assessment Tool download. This assessment tool walks through the key leadership needs for a healthy organization and allows the reader to assess their own organization in these areas,” says Catherine Daw, CEO and President of SPM Learning.

Daw continues, “We encourage CEOs to take the opportunity to download the free Leadership Assessment Tool so they can really start to explore their organization’s leadership skills and determine if they have the leaders in place to achieve the organization’s strategic vision.”

CEOs and executives interested in assessing and developing their organization’s leadership skills can download the Leadership Assessment for free at the Leadership Assessment download page. Interested parties can also contact a SPM Learning leadership specialist with any questions or to help with the Leadership Assessment by email at leadership-assessment(at)spmlearning(dot)com.



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